Breeder Membership Form

Your Details

In your first year, only a Breeder Registration is payable. The membership is discounted to $0 until the annual renewal date on the next 1 July.  (Includes 1 vote at General Meetings)

Breeder Registration Details

Prefixes are governed in the Association Rules under Appendix 4 (2).

If no prefix is selected then your registered Surname will be shown as your prefix. If there are duplicate surnames then your first initial will be appended to your Surname

Prefixes are subject to approval under Appendix 4 (2)(v)

Dam and Sire Details

The MRRA currently includes the registration of up to 2 dogs or bitches being used to breed with as a benefit of application for breeder membership.

For each dog or bitch that needs to be registered, a Dog registration form will need to be completed for each one. 

Once you complete and submit this form you will be taken to a cart, please add the number of additional dog registrations (over and above the 2 free registrations) that you require into your cart at a price of $10 per dog and you will be forwarded the forms for completion once your Breeder membership is approved.

All Members and registered breeders must abide by the Club Rules and Regulations. For a copy, please click here

Hunting Section Access

The MRRA website contains additional information for members only, which you will receive access to once your membership is approved.

As the Murray River Retriever is a hunting breed, one of the members sections available is for members requiring information and sharing information related to their hunting. 

The Hunting area of the website will contain images of the harvesting of game that some people may find disturbing.

In the interests of not offending members, please make the appropriate selection below.

Select Yes if you would like to have access to these areas and you will manually be given access once your membership is approved. 

If you select No, you will have access to all other member areas of the website.