Choosing a Murray

Is a Murray River Retriever the right breed for you?


Medium - Usually ranging from 15 - 30 kg

Thor Graduation. (With permission from C.Green)


12-16 years


Intelligent dogs that are keen to please. They are best when shown leadership.

A Utility Gun dog that will retrieve, flush, and track, Murrays also have been trained for Obedience and Tracking, as Assistance dogs, Bomb detection and Search and Rescue.

Energy Level:

Energetic. Require a moderate amount of exercise and mental stimulation

Grooming Requirements:

Low Maintenance

Medium shedding, but with regular brushing should keep shedding to a minimum, occasional light scissor trim, ears, back of legs, feet.

Space Requirements:

Yard space to run (and hide socks in)

Compatibility with Other Pets:

Friendly with other dogs and generally ok with other pets. May need to introduce and socialise with chickens or smaller pets carefully to ensure your Murray understands they are part of the pack.

EllyandCat (with permission from M.Chung)


Loving, loyal and amiable house pets and intelligent, energetic focussed hunters. Generally good with children, but as with all dogs, initial close supervision is advised for the welfare of both human and dog. 

As Murrays have a strong sense of loyalty to their owners and families, this protective instinct was bred in to use them as protection dogs. Pups need to be well socialised if they are primarily to be a family pet.

Murrays love to swim and are well known to utilise a body of water for their own amusement and swimming pleasure.

Health Issues

Can be prone to ear infections (as is common with many floppy eared dogs)

Hip Dysplasia - although rare, has been seen in dogs with a recent outcross in the geneology. 


If you are unfamiliar with the breed, we recommend you join our Facebook page to learn more from other Murray owners. MRRA Facebook Page (remember to answer the questions to speed up your acceptance to our page). Ask as many questions as you need, most are more than happy to share their love of Murray’s with you and it’s a great way to be sure that a Murray is right for you.

Buyer - Breeder Linking Service

The Association offers a service to interested puppy buyers to link them to an Association Registered Breeder. This service is offered to assist you to find the best pup for your needs. If your future intention is to breed or you are wanting to hunt or give special training as an assistance dog, etc, you may be guided by the Registrar to particular bloodlines.

The service also helps the breed by ensuring that purchasers are contacted by a known breeder rather than risking buying puppies from someone who is just onselling for profit making purposes. The aim is to ensure that every puppy finds its perfect forever home in the first instance!

To register your interest for a pup from an Association Registered Breeder, please go to the following link and follow the prompts on that page: Contact Us