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Why Become a Member?

Becoming a member will put you in touch with Murray owners around Australia. You will get quarterly newsletters and invitations to meetups and events. Our AGM is held annually in October in Moama where we bring our Murray's back to their origins at the Murray River. There are other events held throughout the year, both in Melbourne and expanding to other areas.

Your membership fees will be used for running the Association, events for members and opportunities to educate more people about our wonderful breed through expos and shows.

The Association is administer by an elected committee of volunteers.




Selecting the Right Membership for You.



A special joining fee is being offered for membership for a limited time. This includes a reduced first year fee and includes lifetime Dog Registration of up to 2 dogs.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to complete your membership application. The reduced fee will show in the cart. Please complete the form and pay for membership within 7 days. Applications are reviewed by the committee at each monthly meeting for approval and you will receive an email notification of your acceptance. 

Dog registration information will be emailed to you once your membership has been approved. Please complete the dog registration form promptly so we can complete registration of your dog. A certificate will be issued to you via email within 28 days after receipt of information.

Your membership application will be tabled at the next committee meeting and once approval is given you membership will be confirmed via the email address you use to sign up with.


Membership Type Entitlements ***Special Price until 31 March 2022 Renewal Price
Single Membership One Adult (1 vote) $ 15.00  $ 20.00
Family Membership 2 Adults and children under 18 living at the same address (1 vote) $ 30.00  $ 35.00


Every Single and Family Membership renewal includes a donation of $5 which goes to support the MRRA Rescue Rehome Program (Bess Fund).

The annual membership year runs from July 1 to June 30 each year. New members who join from 1 January in any year will have their due date extended until June 30 in the year following their application. 


Why Register your Dog?

Registering your dog/pup helps the future of our breed. It is only through building our Breed Register and encouraging responsible breeding practices that we will be able to attain our mission, to preserve our Murray to as close to its origins as possible. A more comprehensive Breed Register assists us in guiding potential breeders with information on traits,health issues and pairing to reduce interbreeding or breeding with dogs who have come from previous outcrosses.

To register your dog you must already be an approved member or in the process of completing the membership application.

Dog Registration is $10 per dog and is a lifetime registration.

How to Register Your Dog

Membership Status Steps
 New Application + Dog Registration

Select the membership that is best for your situation and complete the  form, press Submit.
In the cart, add the Dog Registration product to the cart for the number  of dogs that you wish to register.
You will receive further instructions in your email to complete the Dog Registration. This is a manual process, so may take a few days.

 Existing Member adding a Dog   Registration

Log into your account using the Login button at the top of the page.  Select Dog Registration from the members only area


If you have further enquiries please Contact us here or on the Contact page and select membership enquiry.
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Registering as a Breeder

Breeders are a special part of the Murray River Retriever family as without them we wouldn't have our treasured breed.

 Breeder Registration

Recognises you as a Breeder in the Association.

Breeders may operate their breeding activities under a prefix or  their own name.

Breeders agree to operate under the Rules of the Association, in particular Appendix 4. (see button link below)

Breeders from different households may breed under one prefix,  however each additional household will need to have a current    financial Breeder membership.

Includes registration of 2 dogs to be used for breeding.

Once off      Fee


 Breeder Membership -                1st Year

Breeder Membership (includes 2 Adults and Children under 18 living at the same address) (1 vote)

In the year that a breeder pays Breeder Registration the Breeder Membership is included at no additional cost. 

 Breeder Membership -     Subsequent Years Breeder Membership (includes 2 Adults and Children under 18  living at the same address) (1 vote)   $35.00 pa


All members will be required to acknowledge and abide by the Rules of the Murray River Retriever Association Inc. These are available to review by clicking on the button below. 


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