Puppy Expression of Interest

Thank you for registering your interest for a puppy.

This is a service offered by the Murray River Retriever Association to link interested buyers with Registered breeders who we are aware are having litters currently or planning litters in the future. Your contact details will be forwarded to breeders.

The decision to purchase a puppy from a particular breeder is a one for you to make and we recommend that you ask all necessary questions to ensure that you are happy with the breeder and the Dam and Sire of the puppies. The breeders may also request further information from you also depending upon their own practices.

Please note that due to a current rise in interest in the Murray River Retriever and people wanting puppies, in the last year, each of the breeders have had waiting lists in excess of the number of pups available.

For further information about either the breeders or their bloodline you can also contact the Registrar, Ken Jelbart, if the dog you require is for a specific purpose, ie hunting, assistance, agility, tracking or detection dogs. Email: registrar@mrr.org.au or Telephone: 0418 532 355




Please ensure you have considered the following questions in your decision to welcome a Murray into your life.