Recognised Breeders Directory

The breeders listed below are Recognised Breeders of the Murray River Retriever Association Inc. 


Breeder: Jason Greenall

Location: Lyons, ACT




Breeder: Betrice McClure

Location: Sydney NSW


Breeder: Andrew Nelson

Location: Orange, NSW

Breeder: Joanne Morley

Location: Corowa, NSW


Breeder: Tim Mortimer

Location: Brisbane Region

Other Associations:

- Dogs Queensland

- ANKC Main Register

Breeder: Margaret Wedgwood

Location: Brisbane Region


Australian Champion Barokamurray Beatingroundtbush-Bea

Markable Murrays

Contact: Ruth Bell by phone 0417855724
Facebook: Markable Murray's and Curly Coated Retrievers
Location: Adelaide Hills

I have been actively involved with dogs in ANKC Obedience since 1989 and Conformation since 1997. I have known and been involved with Murray River Retrievers since 1986 in the SE of SA.
Markable's selective breeding program rates temperament and physical health as paramount. Markable dogs are cherished companions; participating joyfully and successfully in Conformation Showing, Obedience, Agility, Jumping, and Retrieving; with titles attained in all disciplines.

Markable dogs are also used as Assistance dogs and have PAT (public access test) assessment accreditations. I have successfully trained Markable dogs as Diabetic and Epilepsy Alert Dogs and for PTSD, ASD and Physical Disabilities.

Australian Champion Barokamurray Beatingroundtbush-Bea retreivingAll dogs are health-screened and DNA tested to gauge their suitability prior to breeding. All Markable dogs and puppies are in-home reared, raised and maintained on a natural RAW diet. Breed, puppy rearing and behavioural information is willingly provided and ongoing contact encouraged.

Bea the Murray River Retriever joined us in early 2022 from Barokamurray Victoria.

I hope to help inform people about this intelligent all-rounder Australian breed and increase the MRR ANKC population.

Australian Champion Barokamurray Beatingroundtbush-Bea has taken to conformation showing and gaining many Best of Breed and age in group awards. Bea also does Obedience and RATG and will do retrieving trialling in 2024.

Bea has been DNA and Hip elbow health screened and will be bred to her selected mate CB Murrays Hunter in late 2023 to develop the MRR. Please see more information on Bea's "Dogzonline profile".


Expressions of Interest now being taken

Ch. Barokamurray Beatingroundtbush-Bea and CB Murray's HunterI'm happy to announce the first pedigree registered litter of Murray River Retrievers in South Australia. Bea is pregnant: 6-8 pups seen easily. Ch. Barokamurray Beatingroundtbush-Bea and CB Murray's Hunter's pups are due on December 12 +/-2 days.

Please contact me for more details.






Breeder: Karen and Rod Howard

Location: South West Victoria

Other Associations:

- Dogs Victoria

- Dogs Australia Main Register

Breeder: Sherry Cooper-Smith

Location: Central Highlands

Breeder: David & Deb Warren

Location: Melbourne West

Breeder: Johannes Van Der Molen

Location: Wimmera Region

Breeder: Bruce Chant

Location: Geelong Region

Breeder: Brad Greenwell

Location: Mornington Peninsula

Breeder: Alana Hopkins

Location: Geelong Region

Breeder: Rebecca Jansma

Location: Geelong Region

Breeder: Stephin Lamplugh

Location: Geelong Region

Breeder: Shelley Chalmers

Location: East Gippsland

Breeder: Daniel and Matt Parker

Location: Geelong Region

Breeder: Dianne Simmonds

Location: North East Victoria

Breeder: Shaye Metcalf-Brown
Location: Central Highlands Victoria


SMB Murrays Puppies Available Now click here for details 

Breeder: Natasha & Peter Wales

Location: South West Victoria

Breeder: Robyn Marr

Location: Geelong Region