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Australian Made

The Murray River  Retriever is an Australian icon and Australia's only home grown retriever. The earliest reference to a similar dog has been traced back to early to mid 1800’s. They have been breeding true to type since at least 1894.

The Murray River  Retriever (MRR) is known by various names including Murray River Curly Coated Retriever, Murray River Curlies, Murrays, Curlies, Murray Curly Retriever; in SA they were in the past known as Murray River Duck Dogs, Murray Reds and numerous other names. 

There is a rich historical connection between the Murray River Retriever and the river it was named after. Murray River Retrievers were used as both retrievers and protection dogs on paddlesteamers and duck punts.

To read the full history, please click History of the Murray River Retriever

The Versatile MRR

Today Murrays are still used for retrieving. Unlike other breeds who specialise in a particular style or game type, Murrays can be trained to point, flush and retrieve and are used for retrieving ducks and tracking deer and pigs.

Murrays have also been trained in many other areas including Tracking and Search and Rescue, Assistance, Companion and Protection and Bomb Detection work.

As a pet, they are a loyal, happy breed that will work their way firmly into your heart and stay there. Murrays do best when they are part of the pack living inside rather than in isolation in the backyard. Some Murrays can be a little hesitant meeting new people, which is why they can be trained as a good protection dog, however most will bound happily up and enjoy being the centre of attention.  Murrays are an energetic breed who require regular exercise and mental stimulation through training.